Technology Exhibits

At PropTech Place we offer showroom and exhibition opportunities for over 40 of the latest real estate technology products and services.

Submissions for new exhibits and exhibitors are evaluated and refreshed quarterly, in consultation with the PropTech Place Community Board.

History of PropTech.png

History of PropTech

Our ever-evolving exhibit displaying timelines and photos of historical artifacts, major breakthroughs, key innovations and leaders throughout the history of international real estate.

Developed and curated in collaboration with Columbia University and MetaProp.

PropTech Today

PropTech Today

An interactive exhibit that includes live piloting of over 10 current technologies at PropTech Place, on our floor and in our building. Everything from construction, electricity performance management to space monitoring and utilization.

Future of PropTech-01.png

Future of PropTech

Digital exhibit with up to 12 cutting edge PropTech technologies and startups at any time. Visit our dedicated showroom with HD screens in highest traffic common areas of PropTech Place.