PropTech Place Community Board


PropTech Place established a Community Board in early 2019 to assist management and other key stakeholders uphold our mission.  More formal community boards play an important role in New York City civic life and we are proud to borrow this important concept in an effort to improve value creation for the entire PropTech Place community.

2019 Community Board Members

  • Mark Zeevi - startup representative

  • Steven Goldberg - investor representative

  • Josh Panknin - academic representative

  • Mae Stover - partner representative

  • Evan Petitt - management representative

Board Composition & Membership

The PropTech Place Community Board (“Board”) is a representative body. The Board consists of up to 5 volunteer members selected and appointed by PropTech Place management from among active, involved individuals from of each of our community’s main stakeholder groups including startup members, investor members, academic members, industry members, event producers, partners, and management.

The Board is led by a PropTech Place management team designee who establishes tracks key metrics, organizes Board meetings and, most importantly, implements procedures to improve adherence with the PropTech Place mission.

Board members serve a 12-month term and may be reappointed.


Board member responsibilities include:

  • Attending quarterly breakfast updates to review and discuss PropTech Place:

    • Strategy and mission

    • Events and programming

    • Workspace and membership

    • Technology and exhibits

    • Other topics

  • Occasionally assisting networking and volunteer initiatives within a respective stakeholder group.

It is important to note that while the board serves as an advocate for the PropTech Place community, it does not have the ability to order management or other constituencies to perform any task.


  • Board meetings occur once a quarter.

  • Attendees are encouraged to attend in person but may participate remotely if necessary.